Even the name sounds nice. River. Riverside – who wouldn’t want to go there? No one, that’s who. With its historic landscapes and thriving gardens, when planning your next photo booth event, Riverside is the place for you.

The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

Riverside Photo Booth

The Mission Inn Hotel was built in 1876 and still retains much of the same architecture throughout its spacious halls. With over half a dozen fine dining restaurants available inside – including a cupcake store, which is important – and a full range of spa treatments, along with beautiful venue rooms, this historic hotel is the next hotspot for your event. They also host an annual holiday festival of lights in November that can be seen throughout the city, and a good thing too because you wouldn’t want to miss it.

California Citrus State Historic Park

Citrus park, like the name will tell you, remembers the times when the citrus industry was booming across the county. You can go on a free guided tour of the park and taste the fruit as you go. Weddings, picnics, outdoor concerts – the historic Victorian style landscaping is a picture perfect backdrop for it all. And why not take some pictures? Grab your friends and a photo booth for your next event and enjoy all this sweet park has to offer.

UC Riverside Botanic Gardens

The UCR Gardens are not only brimming with beautiful plants, but a wide range of events to keep you entertained not just perenially, but all the time. A food and wine tasting fundraiser is held every year in the scenic park along with a silent auction. Anyone who loves birding or who loves breakfast or both can attend a bird walk breakfast, or those with more of a green thumb can get in on one of the many plant sales. Just don’t forget to bring your camera.

For even more things to do, the city of Riverside compiled 101 Things to Do in a handy PDF form, so you’ll never run out of places to go. Or places to take pictures.